So far

You arrived in Waterdeep where the caravan disbanded Arry went to the closest pub and was robbed but he couldn’t tell by who. Spike, Lunith and Raina followed the cultists to the northern part of the city where they stopped for the night in the Dark horse Inn. Arry went to the guard post where he looked at posters and found one that looked like Maira with the name of (Jenna Highwater) on it. he also found a wanted poster for an unpictured assassin dead or alive who had been involved with issues in the city a few years ago, and a wanted poster for a thief who looked familiar… and was very young. He got kicked out when he started trying to put bounties on mushrooms.
Raina showed Lunith and Spike an inn and spike insulted the innkeeper before they went to bed and arry went back to his pub and got a bed. Raina went and sat on a rooftop watching the Dark Horse. early in the morning she spotted a small figure sneaking out of the place and they spotted her and ran. She followed the figure and eventually shot them in the foot with a broken off arrow and caught them. It turned out to be a kid about 8 or 9. Raina worked out that he had stolen some stuff from the cultists and confiscated it from him but he started following her around and trying to get a hot meal. In the morning he met Spike and they had an interesting encounter where he said his name was Rand. spike tried to heal his foot. then Raina and spike went to follow some of the cultists and followed them to a warehouse where supplies were being packed for a trip to rebuild the road between waterdeep and neverwinter.
Arry on the other hand went to the stables and saw the mistreated horses maira had sold to the merchant. He proceeded to cut their throats — as well as the horse next to them. the owners attacked him and dispelled his illusion and hit him in the head with a stick. he ran away until he intimidated one to run and made the other fall asleep where he proceeded to write weird graffiti around him and then illusioned himself into morgan freeman.

You spoke to the bunch at the warehouse for the road building and got hired as guards. Maira got mad at Arry for killing her horses, but spike stopped her from attacking him. then Rand went looking for jewellery for Maira and they bonded over soup. Arry told Spike about a gladiator ring and that night spike entered and the others bet on him, however in the first fight, he was unlucky and was losing and cheated by trying to heal himself and so was beaten into unconsciousness and thrown into the street. Raina went with Rand to find a lockbox and tried to open it but it started glowing and heating up when he tried to lockpick it. Rand ran away and when Maira came to check it out there were people about so they left and went with the caravan. the caravan travelled to the Carnath Roadhouse with a couple of fights on the way and they saw the cultists contraband being put into the strongroom. Spike tried to ask Bog Luck, the boss of the roadhouse and also a cultist sympathiser what was going on… but got the door slammed in his face. Jamna Gleamsilver stopped him before he caused any more of a scene. Arry went and put some of the crying mushroom in the soup and so half the people who ate it got sad and was crying, including Maira and Rand. Eventually everyone went to see what was going on in the strongroom in the middle of the night and found that some of the crates had disappeared and there were some lizardfolk in the room. They killed three and found a secret passage to the mere of dead men which they followed and found a small camp where arry lit a fire and some lizardfolk came, which you talked to.
Lizardfolk came to your fire in the marsh and you sat there in the middle of the camp until they threw a volley of javelins at you – hitting spike. you tried to convince them that you were cultists, bu they weren’t completely convinced and insisted on “escorting you” back to their castle. A lizardfolk named snapjaw who spoke a bit of common made a deal with Maira to help them overthrow the bullywugs, enemies of the lizardfolk, and also drive out the cultists. Snapjaw then convinced most of his squad of lizardfolk to join in with this plan and you all headed towards the castle in canoes.
Along the way you were attacked by a shambling mound. After accidentally healing it and hurting Lunith with a lightning attack, Spike was engulfed by the mound, but it was eventually vanquished and he was released. Further into the marshes they came across a dwarf barbarian named Venerick who was trying to investigate what was going on in the Mere of Dead Men, as it was his home.
The party managed to pass themselves off as cultists as they entered Castle Naerytar and had a look around, with Snapjaw convincing more and more lizardfolk to his cause. In the chapel you found a secret compartment behind which was a dagger, that Arry identified as magic. You also found the library where Maira tried and failed to steal/walk out with a book.



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